The Kittenfield Incident [05-08-2010]

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Meow Meow Happy Fight Trailer

Can you be too happy? Happy Cat certainly thinks so and in the year 2336 AD he has just about had enough. So Happy Cat travels back in time to bring happiness and destruction in an attempt to restore the balance.

Set in present day Tokyo, you will partake in a series of battles against a wide variety of interesting characters. There are tons of features, including 24 action packed levels, 15 characters with different skills, 12 super power-ups, and 1 giant happy cat from the future!

Meow Meow Happy Fight, taking the dual-stick shooter to the next level. Due for release in July 2010.

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Big Pixel Zombies!!!

Introducing Big Pixel Zombies, the 3d flash game with zombies and dogs.

The outbreak has reached London, alone in the heart of the city you are the only one left and you must keep alive for the future of mankind. By yourself or with your trusty dog companions defend your self from the never ending zombie hordes and their relentless pursuit for the flesh of the living.

Use your kill points buy new weapons and upgrade your armor and get new dogs. How long will you last? Fight and stay alive.


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Piyo Blocks 2 HD iPad video

Posted on April 10th, 2010 in Piyo Blocks, Video, iPad

Big Pixel Racing [flash game]

So your kid brother has got him self into a right old pickle with Big Dog, the meanest gangster in Dog City. He is relying on you to get him out of this mess, as usual.

It’s time to dig out the driving gloves and strap your self in for some action packed street racing. Work your way to the top of the rankings table, earning money as you blow away the competition. Your hard earned cash will be well spent in the upgrade shops where you can turn that hunk of junk into a mean racing machine.



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Piyo Blocks is available!

Piyo Blocks and Piyo Blocks Lite were both released on the App Store today. Check out this game footage, then get over to the store and download it! The Piyos need you…

Posted on October 13th, 2009 in Piyo Blocks, Video

Show Reel

Check out some of our previous work, and a teaser for 2 of our latest games – Piyo Blocks (iPhone game) and Big Pixel Racing (web game).

Posted on September 18th, 2009 in Video