Meow Meow Happy Fight HD – arrives on October 7th!

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Meow Meow New Characters

Here they are, the winning designs drawn Meow Meow style. Ninja Squid by Ninjackid, and Anigiri by Kookizu. Coming to Meow Meow Happy Fight in an update very soon…

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Contest winner(s)

Thanks to everyone who entered the Meow Meow Happy Fight Design a Character contest. We had an amazing response to it, and some great ideas and sketches that surprised even us! It was very difficult for us to choose a winner, and so we’ve decided to choose 2 instead. So in no particular order the winning designs are:

  • Ninja Squid from Ninjackid

  • Anigiri from Kookizu

Congratulations to Ninjackid and Kookizu, you will be seeing these 2 new Meow Meow characters appearing in an update to the game soon. And congratulations also goes to the runners-up:

  • Metal Bear from Metal Bear
  • Rice Cooker from Joel
  • The Can from Yusuf

We’ll post details of the runners-up designs and some of the others shortly. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter :)

Posted on September 6th, 2010 in Contests, Meow Meow Happy Fight

Design a Character Contest

Come up with your own unique Meow Meow character for your chance to have it featured in the game and possibly win an iTunes Gift Certificate. Entry instructions and terms and conditions are listed below.

Terms and Conditions

“Content” means any and all artwork, sketches, drawings, text, names, descriptions, concepts, and digital images that you send to Big Pixel Studios for entry into the Contest.
“Contest” means The Meow Meow Happy Fight Design a Character contest.

  1. By submitting any content to the contest, you grant Big Pixel Studios the right to use, reproduce, publicly display, sell, and distribute the content for the purposes of promotion of the game Meow Meow Happy Fight, or any other game. You also agree that Big Pixel Studios may make any changes or modifications to your designs in order to prepare them for use in their games.
  2. Only original characters can be submitted. NO copyrighted characters or versions of copyrighted designs will be accepted.
  3. You may enter multiple times, as long as each entry is distinctly different.
  4. Closing date for submissions is Friday 3rd September 2010.
  5. The winner’s design will be used by Big Pixel Studios to create a new character for use in the iOS game Meow Meow Happy Fight.
  6. The winner and runners up will be chosen by Big Pixel Studios whose decision is final.
  7. The winner and runners up will be notified via email and announced on the Big Pixel blog shortly after the closing date.
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Meow Meow v1.1 released

Version 1.1 of Meow Meow Happy Fight is now available on the App Store. Featuring 6 new levels, 3 new characters, new power-ups and weapons, and even more OpenFeint achievements!

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Meow Meow Wallpaper 1

The first of a series of Meow Meow Happy Fight wallpapers, with full HD Retina Display support.

From your iPhone, if you click on the image above. Then hold your finger down on the image that loads, and select “Save Image.” From there you can go to “Settings” and enter the “Wallpaper” menu. Then you can set the image to be your “Home Screen” or “Lock Screen” wallpaper.

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Piyo Blocks UFO Catcher

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Cat Ball UFO Catcher

Cat Ball UFO Catcher, coming soon to an arcade near you!

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The Kittenfield Incident [05-08-2010]

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In response to rumors originating from a recent game review podcast (which Cat Ball and the rest of Meow Meow Happy Fight characters thoroughly enjoy listening to each week), Cat Ball has released the following statement:

“After recent rumours Cat Ball would like to confirm and reassure the public that Cat Ball is not and/or has never been a hamster or associated with hamsters and their day to day activities. Cat Ball would also wish to distance itself from guinea pigs, gerbils and rabbits.” – Cat Ball

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