Big Pixel Zombies released!

You can now play Big Pixel Zombies for FREE at

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In response to rumors originating from a recent game review podcast (which Cat Ball and the rest of Meow Meow Happy Fight characters thoroughly enjoy listening to each week), Cat Ball has released the following statement:

“After recent rumours Cat Ball would like to confirm and reassure the public that Cat Ball is not and/or has never been a hamster or associated with hamsters and their day to day activities. Cat Ball would also wish to distance itself from guinea pigs, gerbils and rabbits.” – Cat Ball

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Meow Meow Happy Fight – Pinky-Chan

From Meow Meow Happy Fight introducing Pinky-Chan, the pink girl from the world of tomorrow but here today and looking for a fight!

Just like The Big Happy Cat, Pinky-Chan is from the future, although unlike The Big Happy Cat she is not a cat or very big and no one knows if she is happy. Pinky-Chan was pulled from the future in the wake of The Big Happy Cat’s time vortex. Due to a zero point shift in the inverted happy gravity field created by all the happiness and kitty rays she materialized a year before Happy Cat’s arrival. Pinky-Chan has been working as a model and waiting for the day of happiness (and destruction!) to fall upon the city. Her favourite colour is pink.

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Meow Meow Happy Fight- The Vendor

From Meow Meow Happy Fight please meet The Vendor, a living vending machine dispensing soft drinks, cold tea and PAIN!!

The Vendor spent all its life up until now as a normal vending machine, stuck on the same street unable to move; dreaming, waiting, and planning. Years of being used and ignored can turn a vending machine bitter. When the Big Happy Cat from the future appeared above the city one day and offered The Vendor life, it knew it was time to show the world who was out of order!

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Meow Meow Happy Fight- Shingo and Momo

From Meow Meow Happy Fight the game, the brother and sister who never existed, the trans-dimensional two and possibly the same person, please say hello to Shingo and Momo!

Born into this world when a Big Happy Cat From The Future traveled back to the present, you could say that Happy Cat is their father, but maybe we can wait until the second episode for them to¬† find out so don’t tell them. Shingo’s spiky blond hair is frozen in time never to grow, which saves him the cost of having it cut. Momo is a punk rocker but all her punk clothes are in the wash today.

Keep watching for more from Meow Meow Happy Fight…

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Meow Meow Happy Fight Trailer

Can you be too happy? Happy Cat certainly thinks so and in the year 2336 AD he has just about had enough. So Happy Cat travels back in time to bring happiness and destruction in an attempt to restore the balance.

Set in present day Tokyo, you will partake in a series of battles against a wide variety of interesting characters. There are tons of features, including 24 action packed levels, 15 characters with different skills, 12 super power-ups, and 1 giant happy cat from the future!

Meow Meow Happy Fight, taking the dual-stick shooter to the next level. Due for release in July 2010.

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Meow Meow Happy Fight – Cat Ball

In celebration of our new upcoming iOS game Meow Meow Happy Fight, please may we introduce CAT BALL!!

He’s a Cat and a Ball. Though he has 6 little legs, Cat Ball likes to bounce around. He is slow but well protected. Cat Ball enjoys having dinner with friends and daytime TV. Cat Ball lost his meow in a bar fight but it was returned to him the next day.

Stay tuned for more Meow Meow Happy Fight character introductions right here…

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