Out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

Mega Coin Squad is a fast-paced action-platformer for between one to four players. Combining lightning-fast controls with over-the-top arcade-style action, Mega Coin Squad is intense!

Take on the single player campaign mode, traversing across a range of procedurally generated landscapes collecting thousands of coins, and seeking to retrieve the 4 unique Mega Coins. Or battle it out in the variety of local multiplayer modes, and use any means necessary to collect, steal and bank more coins than your opponents.

  • "Challenges the likes of Towerfall for best local multi-player game I've played this year." [5/5]
  • "A fun, frantic and wholly unique action platformer with all sorts of crazy ideas and mechanics." [4/5]
  • "A terrifically balanced platformer that'll coax out the perfectionist speedrunner in us all." [4/5]
  • "So fast paced that it at times makes your eyes bleed. And your fingers." [4/5]

  • "Mega Coin Squad is a superbly entertaining title." [8/10]

  • "This game's awesome. I like this game. This is neat. Touch my..."