Mega Coin Squad is a fast-paced action-platformer for between one to four players. Combining lightning-fast controls with over-the-top arcade-style action, Mega Coin Squad is intense!

Welcome to Exit Through the Dungeon, a voxel based first person shooter. Dissect rats, ghosts, zombie Morrisseys, and much more, one single voxel cube at a time! Although keep an eye on all those zombie parts, they may reform if you're not careful...

Introducing Bottle Cap Blitz, the explosive one minute action game where you fire bottle caps to smash as many ice cubes as possible in 60 seconds! Featuring stunning high resolution 3D graphics, simple tap-to-shoot controls, and a multitude of achievements, power-ups, and hidden features to unlock.

Outrun those pesky dog catchers by dodging hedges, police cars, sharks and much more! Pickup other vulnerable hounds on your way, making it easier to collect food and coins as your dog pack grows in size!

The world's panda population is in decline, and your help is needed! Assist the lovestruck Yang Guang (male panda) to meet with his dream partner Tian Tian (female panda), in this highly innovative puzzle game. Land-a Panda is one App Store title you won't want to miss!

Set in modern-day Tokyo, a giant Happy Cat has travelled back in time to bring happiness and destruction to the city's inhabitants! An all new style of dual-stick shooter, Meow Meow Happy Fight puts you up against a series of contestants to battle it out in the dazzling neon settings of Tokyo.

Introducing Piyo Blocks 2, the magical match-em-up sequel to the iPhone original, Piyo Blocks. Now with all new graphics, six single player modes, and new online multiplayer battles, Piyo Blocks 2 is the puzzle pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The outbreak has reached London, and zombies have taken over the city! Armed with just a gun (and your dog!), you must try try and clear Piccadilly Circus of as many zombies as you can. Look out for upgrade shops such as the Butchers, Gun Store, and of course the Dog Pound!

So your kid brother has got him self into a right old pickle with Big Dog, the meanest gangster in Dog City! He's relying on you to get him out of this mess, as usual. It's time to dig out your driving gloves and strap yourself in for some action-packed street racing!