Mega Coin Squad - Big Pixel Studios

Mega Coin Squad - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam

by Big Pixel Studios

October 27th 2015, London, UK

Big Pixel Studios is happy to announce their first console game Mega Coin Squad out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Published by Adult Swim Games.

Mega Coin Squad features fast-paced and explosive on-the-couch combat! Take on your friends in 1-4 player matches spanning multiple worlds and game modes. The ultimate party game for platformer lovers to show off their skills!

Fight your way across 'Mega Coin Island' - a lost world full of mutated enemies, dangerous traps and constantly evolving landscapes. Find ancient Mega Coins guarded by the island's minions and upgrade your fighting abilities throughout your adventure. If you like your action fast, frantic and tactical grab Mega Coin Squad now. Harness your skills through the single player campaign then invite your friends over to show them who's boss!

Mega Coin Squad features five playable characters, each with their own attributes allowing you to change up your play style to get the upper hand. To celebrate the launch, Big Pixel Studios have released 5 videos showing how member of the squad ended up on Mega Coin Island:

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Launch Trailer

Introducing Data

Introducing Mouth

Introducing Stef

Introducing Mikey

Introducing Chunk